Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms CS310, (Summer 2016) (Summer 2015)

A systematic study of the methods of structuring and manipulating data in computing. Abstract data types. The design and analysis of algorithms. Advanced techniques for program development and organization. The language of instruction is Java.

Intermediate Computing with Data Structures CS210, (Summer 2014)

The design and implementation of computer programs in a high-level language, with emphasis on proper design principles and advanced programming concepts, including dynamic data structures and recursion. Efficient design, implementation and debugging techniques are stressed. The assignments are designed to introduce the student to a variety of topics in computing: data structures and ADTs, Lists, Stacks, Queues, Ordered Lists, Binary Trees, and searching and sorting techniques. The language of instruction is Java.

Computer Concepts CS105, (SpringĀ 2013)

This course presents an overview of the role of computers in society — their application, capabilities and limitations. Applications may include artificial intelligence, medical, aerospace and business uses of computers. Computer hardware and associated technologies will be discussed. Computer programming will be taught from a non-mathematical, problem solving point of view – the objective being an understanding of the programming process rather than the development of computer programs. This survey course is not part of the computer science major sequence. Students planning to major in computer science should start with CS 110. Also please note that no student will receive graduation credits for CS 105, if it is taken after the successful completion of CS 110 or a higher level computer course. Students who enroll in CS 110 after taking CS 105 may receive less than the normal number of credits for CS 110.