Joseph Paul Cohen PhD

My current focus is on medical applications of deep learning:

  • Genomics: mRNA gene expressions, RNA-Seq, MicroArray, scRNA-Seq, cancer subtype/phenotype prediction
  • Medical Imaging: histology, microscopy, cell counting, unsupervised representations, data augmentation
  • Clinical: survival/event prediction, automated triage

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Joseph Paul Cohen is a Postdoctoral Fellow with Yoshua Bengio at Mila and the University of Montreal. Joseph currently leads the medical research group at the Mila focusing on computer vision, genomics, and clinical data. He holds a Ph.D Degree in Computer Science and Machine Learning from the University of Massachusetts Boston. His research interests include medicine, bioinformatics, machine learning, computer vision, ad-hoc networking, and cyber security. Joseph received a U.S. National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship in 2013 as well as an IVADO Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2016. Joseph is the founder of the Institute for Reproducible Research which produces; which lets researchers publish and read summaries of research papers like an online journal club, as well as Academic Torrents; a system designed to move large datasets and become the library of the future. He is also the creator of BlindTool; a mobile application providing a sense of vision to the blind by using an artificial neural network that speaks names of objects as they are identified. Joseph is the creator of Blucat; a cross-platform Bluetooth debugging tool. He has worked in industry for small startups, large corporations, government research labs, educational museums, as well as been involved in projects sponsored by NASA and the U.S. DOE.