Pojo Explorer for Java

Pojo stands for Plain Old Java Object. Meaning it’s accessed via getters and setters.

Sometimes the Eclipse debugger isn’t enough. The data behind methods is not available in a debugger because calling those methods could have side effects. Sometimes you want to call those methods and see the result without rewriting the program. This is where you can use Pojo Explorer!

This class is for graphically exploring objects by calling their “get” and “is” methods that can’t be seen during regular eclipse debugging. This is designed for understanding code by looking at the methods that they offer. Some objects have their values as fields. These fields can be seen from inside the eclipse debugger. If a get method looks up it’s value in a database or analyzes files these values can’t be seen during normal debugging. The downfall of this type of examination is that these get functions can have side effects. For analyzing API’s this isn’t important.

View the project here: https://code.google.com/p/pojoexplorer/